Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Attractions: Soarin'

 This past weekend I visited Epcot with some family members.  They had not been in many years so it was great to be able to experience some of the newer attractions with them.   The first thing we did was head over to Soarin' to get a Fast Pass,  Soarin' is probably my favorite attraction in all of Walt Disney World and I couldn't wait to do it with them.
 Soarin' is a simulated hang glider tour across California that takes you over such places as The Golden Gate Bridge, Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe, San Diego and many more.  The ride vehicle consists of three sets of rows and once you've been fastened with your sealt belt, the rows are lifted into the air in front of a giant screen giving the impression that you are really soaring over California.  The feeling is incredible.
 Soarin' is definitley thrilling, but I wouldn't really call it a "thrill" ride in the sense that it is an "extreme ride".  Soarin' can be enjoyed by the whole family, adults and children alike (you must be at least 40").  This is the only attraction at WDW that I've experienced where the whole audience applauds at the end, it's that good!
 In addition to being in the air in front of the screen, there are other added effects which enhance the ride experience.  Wind effects really make it feel like you are flying through the air. Scent machines add the smell of evergreens, orange bloosoms and sea breeze to some of the different scenes.
 One last feature of Soarin' that I love is the musical score by Oscar winner Jerry Goldsmith.  It is a remarkable piece that really adds to the overall attraction.  I like the score so much that I bought one of the CD's that it appears on that are for sale throughout WDW.  If you plan on visiting Epcot, we highly recomend that you check out Soarin'.  This is a very popular attraction so a Fast Pass is a must.  Plan on getting your Fast Pass as soon as you enter the park so you are sure to get on, otherwise the standby line is usually about 70-90 minutes long.
We really hope you enjoy Soarin' as much as we do.  Have a great flight!!

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