Monday, March 18, 2013

Magical Moments: Turner Drugs

This year I decided to follow my wife’s footsteps and run the Disney Marathon.  I’ll touch on that more in a later post, but in the meantime you can read about her experience in an earlier post.  Nevertheless, I not only decided to run the marathon, but I decided to go from couch to Goofy in a few short months.  “Crazy!” you may exclaim.  “Correct!” I answer in return.  But, crazy as it may have been, I went from not running to the bathroom to attempting a half marathon on Saturday, followed by a full on Sunday. 

I must say that the total experience was phenomenal, and in fact I’ve already signed up for another half marathon this year – though not a Disney run unfortunately.  Huh?  I’m on a tangent?  Oh yes, let me get back to the purpose of this post…
As I crossed the finish line on Saturday, I felt amazing.  I started strong and decided to reserve most of my energy for the following day’s run.  My wife Alice (who decided to run the half marathon while several months pregnant – always a “one-upper”) and I made our way back to our room at Old Key West, where I enjoyed (loosely used term) an ice bath.  After a near bout with self-inflicted hypothermia, we decided to visit the Magic Kingdom.  After all, who really can be that close and NOT go to the parks?  So, we hopped aboard the Disney Transportation bus and made our way to the entrance gate.  This is where something went horribly wrong.
As I tried to stand, my knee locked up.  Locked up may not be correct – locked down is more accurate.  It would not move and I was suddenly in excruciating pain.  Turns out, I damaged it a few weeks before during a 12 mile run and the injury I suffered was due to ITBS (Iliotibial Band Syndrome).  A condition I had never heard of, much less knew I had to contend with.  Huh?  Oh yes, back to the point of the post. 
I was finally able to hobble into the park, but by this time tears started to swell in my eyes.  (I’m not too macho to admit pain hurts!)  Looking back, I’m not sure if the tears were from the pain or the thought that I still planned to attempt 26.2 miles the following morning.  But, then I remembered an earlier post I had written about Disney’s First Aid Stations.  And, that is where I headed straight away.
As with every other aspect of Disney, the customer service at the first aid stations is top rate.  This was evidenced that very day.  Although Disney had nothing that might help me, beyond Tylenol, they did have an answer – Turner Drugs.
As seen in the photo here, Turner Drugs is located near the parks.  More importantly, Turner delivers!  Yep – they deliver not only to the resorts, but to the parks themselves.  Apparently, Turner Drugs has been serving WDW for over 20 years, and doing so was a life saver for me that Saturday afternoon.  Within a few hours, Turner had delivered a knee brace to my resort, and once back from the park, I was able to pick it up at the concierge desk.  Thankfully, that knee brace held the pain back enough for Sunday’s marathon; and as a result, I had one of the greatest and most addictive experiences of my life. 
So, if you find yourself in the parks or at the resorts and suddenly develop a need for prescriptions, braces, formula, diapers, reading glasses, medical equipment, or other such items, Turner Drugs has the solution!  Just go to one of the Disney first aid stations or contact them directly.   You may contact Turner Drugs at (407) 828-8125; or visit their site at  Just be aware that there is a small delivery fee, but it is worth it not to leave the parks or hassle with traffic in any way.  Perfect customer service.  Thank you Disney First Aid, and thank you Turner Drug!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Attractions: Traditions - Star Tours

Continuing in our brief series on Disney's adherence to traditions in order to pay homage to their rich history, this week we will look at Star Tours.
Star Tours:   Although this ride is still active, it has undergone some changes.  One such change happened long before the 2011 update to a new 3D version of the ride.  Originally, the outside of the attraction featured a Snow Speeder from the Empire Strikes Back.  This was later removed and can be seen in the Backlot Tour. 
(Image Courtesy of
The original pilot “Rex” has since been replaced by C3PO.  However, he can still be seen in the second queue room for the attraction.  Rex is now marked “defective” and is on the way out for repair. 
Also, the two robot birds that once sat over the entryway near the G2 droid in the original queue are now caged near Rex, and are no longer animated. 
Look for the G2-9T droid in the queue as well.  This was the droid that originally sang “I’ve been working on the same droid, all my livelong day.”  He now says “this job is a lot better than, say, fixing broken droids all day.” 
Lastly, the lady in the original safety video for Star Tours reappears in the new safety video, but is merely a passenger in the second row of the speeder (wearing purple).
(Watch the original Safety Video:
(Watch the Updated Version here:
How many references to old attractions can you locate?  Have you found Mr. Toad?  Have you witnessed any of the continued traditions from EPCOT?  How about 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea?  Let us know which ones you have found and send us a photo

Monday, March 4, 2013

Attractions: Traditions - EPCOT

     Having looked at 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, we continue our series of brief posts regarding Disney's adherence to and celbration of traditions, we now look to EPCOT. 
World of Motion:  This attraction was once located at the site for Test Track.  Once removed, in 1996, the chickens from this ride were relocated to Goofy’s Barnstormer (now the Barnstormer featuring the Great Goofini).  There are also a few leftover props found in the Backlot Tour.
Horizons:  Look for the logo for this attraction in Mission: SPACE.  It is located in the center of the rotating gravity wheel in the queue.
Fantasy in the Sky:   A video on the large viewscreen in Star Tours mentions this longtime fireworks show that was replaced by Wishes.
(Watch Fantasy in the Sky Here)
Journey into Imagination:  Like Star Tours, this attraction still exists, though not in original form.  Look for the door marked “Dean Finder”.  This pays tribute to the Dreamfinder that once starred with Figment in the attraction.
The City of the Future:  OK, this is not an attraction, but it does illustrate how ideas find their way into other attractions.  The city of the future was how Walt envisioned EPCOT.  The model of this city can be seen while riding the TTA.
(See it between 8:18 – 9:30 in this video of Walt himself reviewing the concept for EPCOT.)
How many references to old attractions can you locate?  Let us know which ones you have found and send us a photo