What's It All About?

What Is This Site About?:   The number of Disney pages or sites available on the web is staggering.  However, we don't want this to be just another site.  Our hope is to provide reviews, articles, tips and more to enhance your Disney experience.  But, it doesn't stop there.  We want YOU to be an active and contributing member of the community.  We want your feedback, articles, photos, tips or any other Disney related information you would like to share.  To learn more about how to contribute or how to join our community, visit the Join Our Community or Actively Contribute pages.

How Are We Setup?:    Everything is centered around 4 main themes:
  1.  Attractions
  2.  Resorts
  3.  Dining
  4.  Magical Moments

Our Facebook page, Twitter page, and YouTube Channel will work with this site to provide reviews, tips, tricks and more to help you enjoy your Disney experience.

To see former posts or to look for specific topics, scroll to the bottom of the home page and navigate through the Blog Archive.  We will try to make this as easy as possible to navigate and will name articles and posts in ways that will help you know which of the 4 sections above they relate to.

What Makes You the Expert?:   Although we would like nothing more than the ability to tell you that we are Imagineers or direct descendants of Walt himself, we cannot.  We are simply fans - just like you.  However, we are fans who average 60 days a year in the Disney parks, year after year.  This gives us special insight into ways to enjoy Disney in a less expensive, less stressful way.  In short, we want to share this insight with you, because we want you to enjoy Disney as much as we do.

So Who Are You Guys Exactly?:  

Keith Hinds lives in Charlotte, NC and visits the Disney parks multiple times annually with his wife (Alice) and 4 kids.  As an annual pass holder and member of the Disney Vacation Club, Keith can provide tips on ways to enjoy the parks with less expense as well as provide an inside view of the resorts, Disney Dining plans and more.

Mike Daly lives in Orlando, FL.  Yes, he is one of the lucky ones!  Originally from Massachusetts, Mike relocated to Orlando in 2003 to be closer to the Disney parks.  As an annual pass holder and Florida resident, Mike visits the parks frequently throughout the year and can provide tips on ways to keep the Disney experience fresh.