Sunday, September 23, 2012

Magical Memories: Autumn at Walt Disney World

 Fall arrived this weekend and its the perfect time to visit the Walt Disney World Resort.  The weather is starting to cool down and it doesn't rain as much.  In October the average high is 85 and the low 65 with rainfall being about 2.7 inches.  Now that the kids are back in school the crowds aren't nearly as large as they were during the summer.
 There are a lot of great events that take place at WDW in the Fall.  A previous post talked about the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival that starts next weekend (9/28).  The Food and Wine Festival is a great opportunity to sample food and wine from around the world.  The Magic Kingdom has been beautifully decorated for fall.  Banners of fall colors are hung throughout the park along with pumpkins and scarecrows to really give you the feeling of autumn.  At the Magic Kingdom you can also experience Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party that runs select nights from Sept. 11 to Nov. 2.  Mickey's Not So Scary takes place after regular park hours so an additional event admission ticket is required to attend.  Depending upon the date, prices can range from $55.95-$62.95 + tax for ages 10 and up and $50.95-$59.95 + tax for ages 3 to 9.  The tickets are pricey but the event is well worth it.  If you are visiting during this time we highly suggest you attend.
At Mickey's Not So Scary you can expect to see the Magic Kingdom transformed into the "Spookiest Place on Earth" through lighting and fog effects, music and special theming.  Candy stations are set up so you can Trick or Treat throughout the park. Character Meet and Greats allow you to  have your picture taken with your favorite characters dressed up for Halloween.  Not So Scary is also a  great time to enjoy your favorite attractions at the Magic Kingdom.  Because a limited number of tickets are sold the lines for the attractions a practically non existant.  You will be able to experience attractions as many times as you wish.
The two highlights of the party are the "Boo to You" Halloween Parade and Happy HalloWishes the night time fireworks display.  The "Boo to You" Parade takes place twice a night (check the schedule for times) we recommend that you plan to see the second parade because it is the least busy of the two.  Anywhere on Main Street is a great viewing spot.  Be sure to get there before the start of the parade so you can see the Headless Horesman make his ride down Main Street.  Main Street is also a great location for the fireworks show.  The Halloween Party is the only time Happy HalloWishes takes place and it is a must see.  During the show the Villains take over the sky above Cinderella Castle.  If you decide to attend Mickey's Not So Scary some things to consider are:  buy your tickets online so you save money, think of attending one of the earlier party's because as it gets closer to Halloween the partys will start selling out,  plan on wearing a costume as its the only time guests can  wear costumes at the Magic Kingdom, check the weather and dress accordingly as some nights it can get pretty cool out. If you do attend Mickey's Not So Scary we hope you have a great time and let us know what you thought about it.  Maybe you will come up with some tips that would be great to share.  Have Fun.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Magical Moments: Harmony Barber Shop

            I’m often asked exactly why I love Disney so much.  My initial answer is “The detail.  There is detail in everything.”  The obvious answer, however, is, “Who wouldn’t love a place whose primary function is to create enjoyable moments that make for lifelong memories?”  This is one thing that sets Disney apart – at least in my humble opinion, from the other amusement parks dotted across the globe.  Whereas amusement parks may make for a good time, and even some memories, the Disney details allow for truly, well, magical moments.

Now, I realize that there are some extra special moments in your life, or in the lives of your children, that may indeed be magical unto themselves.  Getting engaged, graduating, obtaining a driver’s license, getting or losing a first tooth, and a first hair cut rank among so many others.  The neat thing is that, in many instances, these special moments can be enhanced with Disney Magic. 

Such is the case with a small shop located around town square, nestled between the fire station and the Emporium on Main Street USA.  The Harmony Barber Shop may be one of the best kept secrets of WDW.  Sure, many guests know about its existence, but so many others are unaware of this hidden treasure.  The Harmony Barber Shop is reminiscent of a turn of the century barber shop, complete with three stations that are ready for you take a seat. 

This is the perfect place for a child’s first haircut.  In fact, if your child receives his or her first haircut, he or she will also receive Mickey Mouse stickers, a little pixie dust, a certificate, and a pair of Mouse Ears that proudly proclaim “First Haircut”.  I highly recommend partaking in this monumental moment in such a special place. 
Already experienced your first haircut?  No worries, licensed hairstylists are available to give you a trim and a memorable experience of your own.  Haircuts range from $14 - $20, once again proving that not everything in WDW is overpriced.
Don’t need a haircut?  There are still many special treats you may like.  Colored hair gel and pixie dust, the image of one prominent Disney character shaved in closely cropped hair, or even a mustache trim are all available for very little charge.  So, just find the barber pole out front, step in and step back to a simpler time, and have a seat; but get there as early as possible, because there may be a wait.  Though it is worth it!