Monday, July 9, 2012

Resorts - Booking DVC Vacations without being a DVC Member (Guest Post)

We are pleased to announce our first Guest Post on DLuminations.  Many thanks to Lori Reynolds who penned this great advice on how to take advantage of DVC perks without being a DVC member.  If you would like to contribute by submitting a post of your own, please click the “Actively Contribute” tab below the header at the top of the page.  Now, on to Lori’s advice…

Disney calls their Vacation Club the best kept secret on Disney property. However, there is still one magical Disney secret still available to help everyone experience Disney Vacation Club (DVC) amenities without having to purchase a Vacation Club property. The DVC runs off of a point system, owners purchase so many points to help book their vacations on property and at partnership sites around the world. Points are given annually and can be banked to help owners build up towards larger international trips; however points do have an expiration date on them. Therefore, owners have two years to use points or they will lose them. Disney gave the owners one additional option, an option that helps the rest of us hear one of the most magical statements on all the Disney property, "Welcome Home!"  Owners can share or specifically rent their points to someone else.

Renting DVC points can be accomplished two different ways. The first is using a third party broker. The price is a little higher than doing the work yourself, but they handle all the work and you are able to book the room quickly. Dave's Point Rental is a great example of a third party broker. However, we love doing the work ourselves. Using the "DIS" board, owners list the points they have available, how much they want for their points and when they expire. Renting the points yourself requires a series of emails back and forth between you and the owner but it will save you money. Once you email an owner your interest in their points, and give them your dates and desired DVC resort, the owner will call Disney and check availability. They respond back giving you the option to rent their points and book the room, or walk away. The owner usually has a simple contract to protect both parties, which offers great piece of mind!  The reservations are in your name as well.
We recently purchased points for a 4-night stay at the Boardwalk Villas. Look at how we did:

Regular rate for a deluxe property at Disney world: Boardwalk Villas is $345 a night. We selected the Boardwalk Villas Studio room. The description of this room incorporates view of resort grounds, pools, canals courtyards or even the boardwalk. The room includes a queen size bed, a double size sleeper sofa, bathroom and a mini kitchen. The private balcony is wonderful! Even with all this…$345 is a lot of money to pay for one night. If we booked through Disney World directly, we would have paid, at a minimum of 4 nights $1380 plus tax.

I always look for the lowest per point price offered. I was able to find someone renting his or her points for $9 a point. The weekly point rental for the Boardwalk Villas was 15 points a night. Our 4-night stay was a total of 60 points. 60 points times $9 = $540 total for our stay!!
How awesome! Once you check in, you receive all the rights and privileges of a vacation club owner! Lunch discounts, shopping discounts, free valet parking if needed, and more!!

I am not sure if anyone can beat this deal!  That almost beats the price of a value resort!!!

Have you used a Broker to purchase DVC points?  If so, who have you used? Or, who do you recommend?   Have you purchased DVC points as Lori has outlined above?  If so, what was the best deal you found?  We look forward to hearing from you and remember, if you would like to submit a post, please find out how by selecting the “Actively Contribute” button under the DLuminations header near the top of the page.

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  1. Lori, great post! And, thank you once again for submitting this helpful tutorial for our readers. I'm sure that more than one person will benefit from your example.

    We look forward to future guest post submissions from you and hope you become a contributing member of the DLuminations community.