Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dining - San Angel Inn

I love Mexican Food! In fact, I could eat it two or three times a week, and often do. So, it simply would not do for me to go without a Mexican fix while in the Disney parks. That is why I love San Angel Inn in the EPCOT World Showcase Mexico Pavilion.

Nestled at the base of Mayan ruins, alongside the Rio Del Tiempo, San Angel Inn offers wonderful Mexican cuisine in the romantic, late evening setting of a 17th-century hacienda. Normally, if you have reservations, you will have just enough time after checking in to ride the Rio Del Tiempo attraction before being called to your seat. There is nothing quite like Donald and the Three Caballeros touring Mexico's treasures to get you in the mood to taste some unique Mexican treasures of your own.

The restaurant opens at noon daily and remains open until the end of normal park hours. Entrees range from $12 - $18, while appetizers are in the $10 range. Using the Disney Dining Plan is an option and will cost 1 Table Service Credit. Depending on the plan you have purchased, you will get a Desert and possibly an Appetizer as well. Tables in Wonderland is another payment option for Florida residents and annual pass holders.

Curious about what to order? My personal favorite is Pollo a las Rajas. This grilled chicken dish is served over red peppers, onions, chile poblano, chorizo, and melted cheese. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. The dish costs around $17 and is worth every penny. If you are like me, the occasional tour around the World Showcase simply doesn't offer enough opportunity to enjoy such a dish. In that case, you may try your hand in recreating it at home; though sadly, the experience is never the same for me.


4 chicken breast halves

1 cup of chorizo, casing removed and diced

1 large red bell pepper

1 large Spanish onion

1 large poblano chile

1 garlic clove, chopped

1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper

5 tablespoons vegetable oil

1 cup sour cream

1 cup Monterey Jack cheese, shredded

1/2 cup half-and-half cream


1. Season the chicken breast halves with garlic, salt, and black pepper. Place the chicken breast halves in a roasting pan (uncovered) and cook in the oven at 350 F for 20 minutes or until cooked.

2. In a sauce pan, heat 2 tablespoons of oil, and lightly saute poblano pepper until skin starts separating. Peel skin from poblano pepper. Make a slit and remove all the seeds. Slice onion, bell pepper, and poblano pepper into strips.

3. In a heavy skillet heat remaining 3 tablespoons of oil, and add chorizo, garlic, onion, and peppers. Cook over medium-high heat stirring occasionally until onions and peppers are soft.

4. Add sour cream, half-and-half, black pepper and salt and simmer for three minutes.

5. On ovenproof serving dishes, place 3/4 cup of vegetable mixture. Top with roasted chicken breast. Sprinkle 1/4 cup Monterey Jack cheese on each serving plate. Broil until cheese melts and turns golden. Serve.

Yields: 4 Servings

Now, if only I had a side of Fried Plantains or Capirotada de Chocolate Blanco to finish it off!

To learn more, visit the San Angel Inn website:

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