Monday, September 30, 2013

Magical Moments: Dapper Dans

For many people, the name “Dapper Dan” might conjure memories of George Clooney speaking about his hair tonic of choice in Oh Brother Where Art Thou?  But for the true Disney fanatic, the Dapper Dans offer a refreshing melodic detour from the normally hectic pace many adopt in the Magic Kingdom.  Their performance features a nice mix of 4-part harmonies, humor, and the Deagan Organ Chimes which highlights Disney’s penchant for nostalgia, and detail.
If you would like to see them live, you’ll have your chance nine times daily on Main Street USA.  The best, and perhaps most memorable locations and times would be near the Harmony Barber Shop , or at 5:00 in the evening when they accompany the Magic Kingdom Color Guard for the Flag Retreat Ceremony.  Or, you could catch them here – at least until you can make it to Main Street USA.

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