Monday, January 23, 2012

Magic Moments - Capture the World

I noted in an earlier post that I am often tasked with ways to enjoy the parks in a less expense, or fresh, new way. Though my initial post really revealed my heart for eating, there are other ways to enjoy the parks in a less expensive way.

Once again, I will focus on the World Showcase in EPCOT. As previously noted, this is probably the most boring for kids, and as a result, the least likely to be fully enjoyed by parents. In my earlier post, I referenced the scientific fact that kids are starving to death every fifteen feet or fifteen minutes - whichever comes first. In fact, this is only one of two key, yet proven, facts about kids that can break you down, or break your bank account. The other fact is that kids feel the need to ask for every souvenir they see, and the World Showcase is full of them. From Smurfs in Germany to shirts in Canada, you have more than ample opportunity to spend money for "memories".

So, how "In the World" do you capture memories in the World Showcase without losing your pASSport? Here are two simple and fun ways.

First, take advantage of what Disney already provides. Each pavilion in the World Showcase has a station where kids can stop and color. They can pick up a free masquerade ball mask (made from cardboard), color a design and receive a stamp or hangtag on the mask itself. Encourage your kids to color just a little piece of the mask, so they can add to it as the move around the pavilions. Another suggestion is to add something to the mask that reflects the country you are in. For example, when you are in Canada, draw a red maple leaf on the mask, then move on to England where you might add a Union Jack.

The other way to capture memories is through photos. WOW, that was kind of like seeing Geraldo open Capone's safe wasn't it? Really, capture photos at every pavilion around the World Showcase. There are a number of beautiful locations that lend themselves perfectly to photos. And though this seems too simple of a suggestion to note, the key to this is understanding what to capture.

Instead of the normal group photo, actually immerse yourself into the pavilion. For example, Canada has totem poles and similar objects you can interact with. Put on a fez at Morocco. Try on a kimono in Japan. The possibilities are endless. And, if you start having fun, it will show.

The reality is, if you purchase a fez, an Eiffel Tower replica or something similar, you will probably never look at it again. Even more concerning, it will hold little if any sentimental value. This is YOUR vacation! In some cases, this is your dream vacation, or the only family vacation you have ever taken; so take advantage of that fact and capture it all in this fun way.

If you really want to create memories that you can enjoy over and over again, upload your photos on once you return home. Create a Disney photo book with your favorite images, add captions, and you have a souvenir worth purchasing. Best of all, these photo books cost anywhere from $11 - $40, so they are not only more special, but are cheaper than anything else you would purchase in the parks.

We not only create photo books on Shutterfly, we also create calendars using our favorite photos from that year's trip to Disney. These usually cost less than $11 and are great quality items. IN fact, my parents and in-laws look forward to the Disney calendar more than any other present at Christmas. They love seeing the grandkids having fun in the parks. In a way, they are able to share in the memories as well.

We would love to see some of your favorite photos from around the World Showcase. Feel free to send them to our DLuminations Facebook page so everyone can get ideas on fun photos. OR, send them to OK, now go capture those memories!

In the meantime, here are some ideas to get you started:

The Totems in Canada

Check out the local constabulary in England.

The king and his subjects.

When your name is Alice, doesn't this picture just make sense?

The local artists of Paris are so inspiring.

I can never see a fez without thinking of Mr. Cunningham on Happy Days.

American Patriots!

Almost done, I think I hear a fat lady singing.

You take pictures, I'm eating eggrolls.

Churros and Donald, Mexico is GREAT!

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  1. Thanks for the idea! We will definately do this along with the Eating Around the World idea from a few posts back.