Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Magical Moments - A Disney Christmas for a Future Imagineer

For so many reasons, Christmas is unlike any other season. As I pause for a moment to reflect upon the season, I begin to realize that many of the traditions surrounding Christmas share commonalities with Disney. OK, before you gasp, laugh or balk at that comment, let me assure you that I am not comparing Mickey Mouse to the baby Jesus. Nor am I suggesting that a trip to Orlando is like a pilgrimage to the Holy land. Instead, I am referring to the little nuances of the season itself, along with many of the traditions that we encounter during this time.

The noastalgia that so many Disney fanatics - like us at DLuminations - feel when remembering first visits, favorite trips or long-gone attractions is not unlike the feelings people get when watching reruns of It's a Wonderful Life, or A Christmas Story, while putting up favorite decorations, thinking about the Coca-Cola Santa Claus or rembering past Christmas memories. Even the first visit to see Santa at the local mall is similar to the first photo with Mickey Mouse.

Taking this theme further, I could draw correlations between the overwhelmingly firendly sense of giving that overtakes people during trips to WDW and that experienced around this time of year.

I'm sure, if I tried, I could draw innumerous comparisons between Christmas and a vacation to Walt Disney World, but instead, I will end by asking you to take a journey into your imagination for a moment. Remember back to your childhood. Do you remember how hard it was to sleep on Christmas Eve? The mere thought that Santa would be standing in your home, delivering something special for you was overwhelming. Then, as dawn peeked over the horizon, your feet hit the floor and you sprinted to see what surprise might await you. And, as your eyes gazed upon that one special item, you felt an immeasurable sense of joy, pleasure, grattitude and, well, magic! This, perhaps, is the real comparison to Christmas in Disney. Exciting, memorable and magical. It is a place where your dreams coexist with reality and fantasy. Pure elation.

In honor of this magical feeling of Christmas, we offer to you a very Merry Christmas, and best wishes as we enter into the new year. May that sense of Disney Magic go with you throughout the coming months and may you hold on to that childlike innocence and joy that rests at the heart of Christmas. And, to celebrate that feeling, we share with you a memory that combines Chrsitmas, Disney, dreams, joy and magic - so enjoy this glimpse into a Disney Christmas for a Future Imagineer, and remember to dreams do come true!

Merry Christmas!

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