Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dining - Eat Around the World

As the father of 4 kids, who also likes to visit the Disney parks several times a year, I am often tasked with ways to enjoy the parks in a less expensive, or fresh, new way. Fortunately, like Walt "I believe in being an innovator."

For kids, the World Showcase in EPCOT may be the most challenging area to keep fresh or interesting. For the most part, the World Showcase has few attractions that kids might enjoy (Rio Del Tiempo in Mexico, American Adventure, Malestrom in Norway). And, once you have seen these attractions seven or eight times, as an adult, they hold less of your interest as well. Couple that with the scientific fact that kids are starving to death every fifteen feet or fifteen minutes - whichever comes first - and you have a potentially bad or boring visit on your hands.

So, how "In the World" (yes, I love puns) do you enjoy the World Showcase? Well, one solution often enjoyed by adults is to Drink Around the World. However, I don't personally drink and neither do my young children, so we Eat Around the World.

I realize this may sound a bit taxing on your waist as well as your wallet, however, this tactic for enjoying the World Showcase can not only be fun, but can be easy on your belt and inexpensive. As you work your way around the World Showcase, select one snack item from the gift shops in each pavilion. One snack should be enough in most cases to feed a group of 6 or 7 guests. These snacks are generally inexpensive, and since you are snacking throughout the afternoon (or morning) you will find yourself voluntarily skipping lunch. Though a tad bit less healthy, that should pay for the cost of the snacks.

My family likes to try various treats and, if possible, change the selected treats each time we visit. We then compare our thoughts and determine our favorites from each pavilion or overall. The other hidden benefit is that snacking all day with kids, while walking around, helps keep their interest. This allows you to explore the World Showcase pavilions without hearing "Can we go back to Test Track" every 5 minutes.

Here are some suggestions on snacks to try:

Canada: Double Dutch Waffle Cookies with Syrup Filling. You can thank me in the comments section.

England: Border Crumbles. Nothing quite like a biscuit!
France: Any pastry will do. The cheesecake is my favorite.

Morocco: Marrakesh Sunset. This watermelon flavored Slushie is great.

Japan: Rice Crackers. I generally stay away from dried crabs!The American Adventure: Funnel Cake

Italy: Cannoli. "Leave the gun. Take the cannoli." (Couldn't resist.)

Germany: Large, Soft Pretzel.
China: Egg Roll.Norway: Lefse Potato Bread.Mexico: Churros.We would love to hear from you. Have you tried this? What were your favorites? Post replies in the comments section below.


  1. That is a great IDEA! When im down there in FEB. I will do that with my kids. That is awesome!

  2. Love this... I don't have a single ADR planned for my F&WF Weekend visit because I plan to "eat around the world!"

  3. We eat around the world as well. But we go a little bit bigger. Sushi in Japan, desserts from France, fish and chips from England, nachos from Mexico, egg rolls and dumplings from Chinas...Italy we will add pizza this time from Nia Vapoli, and Norway - we try something different each time. We are planning this in Oct.

  4. Great suggestions Lori! But, with 4 kids in tow, snacks are a little more affordable for us!

    Maybe we can meet up in the World Showcase and you can fund a heartier trip around the world!! :)